Mazal tov, Daniel Pereg!


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I can’t remember the last time a video made me cry that hard. Watching Daniel Pereg, the 16-year-old boy who stood up to an angry Arab anti-Israel mob in LA as he walked down the street holding an Israeli flag high and proud, was so phenomenally moving.

And the video of Daniel didn’t only move me. Daniel Pereg’s bravery and idealism were so awe-inspiring that since June over 780,000 people have watched the video featuring him YouTube.

And this week, Daniel decided to return his body to the place where his heart has already been for many years. This week, 16-year-old Daniel Pereg arrived with a one-way ticket to Israel. He is planning on studying in a yeshiva in Jerusalem and then joining the army when he turns 18. In the army, Daniel would like to serve in Intelligence, where he hopes his knowledge of Persian will be an asset in gathering intelligence on Iran.

Mazal tov, Daniel! Welcome home!

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  1. you’re right, Chana, Daniel Pereg is a real hero
    may G-d bless him with long life and good health
    he will be a great leader of Jews one day
    in fact he is already

  2. welcome to israel daniel! our whole family watched the video as daniel walked in front of the jew hater mob of people tall and proud holding the flag. may he have much hatzlocha in his learning.

  3. Welcome home Daniel!!!!!! So happy to hear about your aliyah! You are an amazing kid, your bravery is an inspiration to so many! I am sure you will reach great heights in all your endeavors and will be real asset to our people! Mazal tov!!!!!!
    From the Misk family of Beit Shemesh

  4. jesica myers

    Daniel! you are a tzadik and a hero and you have a ton of chutzpah. i think you will do very well here!
    Welcome Home!
    If you ever want to come to ramat beit shemesh for shabbos, please be in touch, we would be happy to host you!

    The Myers family

    hazlacha rabba!

  5. Beautiful!
    He really made a Kiddush HaShem.

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