Life after Birth

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My daughter brought home this beautiful, anonymous story from her youth group. I thought it was quite brilliant and unforgettable, so I’ve translated it into English for you… Enjoy!

Inside their mother’s womb, two fetuses, one religious and one an Atheist, are having a conversation:

Atheist fetus: Tell me, do you believe in life after birth?

Religious fetus: Yes, of course, it’s clear that there is life after birth. We are here just to grow and get stronger in preparation for the life that awaits us there. That’s what they told us.

Atheist: What nonsense! There is no life after birth. Birth is the end. What would life after birth even look like?!

Religious: I don’t exactly know all the details, but I believe that there is more light there, and that we will walk on our feet and eat with our mouths and that there will be many other things that will be different.

Atheist: What idiotic babbling! It’s impossible that we could walk on our own and that we would eat with our mouths. You are absolutely hilarious! We’ve got an umbilical cord with which to eat. And that’s a fact. It’s a shame to live in a world of illusions.

Religious: I’m certain that it’s possible to live outside the womb. But the life there is totally different from the life here. We can only imagine how life there will be, but I am still certain that there is life after birth. A lot of fetuses believe in this, and it’s hard to assume that all of them are wrong.

Atheist: But nobody’s returned from there to give us a first-hand account! Logic dictates that life ends with birth, and that until then we live in great darkness.

Religious: No, no! I don’t know what life outside will look like. But I know that we will finally see our Mother. And she will take care of us.

Atheist: Mother? You believe that there is a “Mother”? Then where is she? Why don’t we see her or feel her? It’s just stories! I only believe in the facts.

Religious: I think you are wrong. I believe 100% that a Mother exists, and that we live within her. It is because of her that we move and live. You didn’t notice that when it is quiet, if you concentrate and pay attention, that you can hear her? And you can feel that our Mother is thinking and worrying about us and you can even feel that she is caressing us at times. Open your eyes! I believe with all of my soul that also now we have a Mother, and that after we are born she will embrace us, and then real life will begin.

And you?

Let’s try to open our eyes and hearts and pay attention and feel and know that there is Someone looking out for us.

That there is something beyond.


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  1. this is like the song by abie rotenberg, “conversation in the womb”

  2. Phenomenal.

  3. Wonderful!!!

    Do you have it in Hebrew on the computer? If you don’t have to type it up again, could you please email it to me or post the Hebrew link on here?
    Thank you!

  4. That was beautiful. WOW…I got chills.

  5. This mashal in a slighly varied form is written in the sefer “Gesher Hachayim” by the great Rav Tukichinsky (sp?)
    from Yerushalayim in the early 20th century.

  6. Yes, it is just like that song (now it’s in my head). In fact we studied this song in high school more than 20 years ago. Still cool today.

  7. Good thing you need da’at to be an atheist, huh?


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