Remembering Peter: My Husband's Tribute to his Step-Father

Last week, my husband’s stepfather, Peter Leslie, passed away after a 6-month battle with pancreatic cancer. In this video, my husband reads the final letter he wrote to Peter to say thank you and goodbye…


  1. Joshua’s words convey what a special man Peter was.
    I am so sorry for the loss to your family and especially to Joshua’s mother.

  2. boruch dayan emes. beautiful tribute.

  3. 1) Chana Jenny, I really appreciate your husband’s honesty. People have a hard time being honest around death, they tend to whitewash and pretend. Your husband transcended that tendency – was honest and at the same time tactful, deeply loving and kind.

    2) Step-parents suffer a lot from non-acceptance. Some children think they are being loyal to their dead parent by rejecting a step-parent. In reality it is just the opposite – the spouse who dies wants to see the widow/widower happily remarried. It is we down here who have a hard time with it because it “solidifies” our loss. But your husband, Chana Jenny, is a fantastic role model for all children whose parents remarry.

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