Rivka bat Yael Update: Welcome Back, Rivki!


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Wonderful news this week from Nachlaot! 7 months after her near fatal head injury on Israeli Independence Day, little Rivki Razel returned to her kindergarten, Gan Rachel, for the first time this past Friday in order to participate in the gan’s weekly Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony.

It was an event that Rivki and her parents and all the girls in the kindergarten had been looking forward to with a tremendous amount of anticipation after months of praying that Rivki (Rivka bat Yael) would have a speedy, complete, and miraculous recovery.

Rivki’s teacher, Ganenet Rachel decorated the door with a colorful sign saying “Welcome back to our Dear Rivki!” Rivki, who is now walking on her own and talking slowly but clearly, handed out silly bandz to all the girls and seemed excited and happy to be back at her old gan.

My Moriah distributed caramel ice cream we brought in Rivki’s honor, and Rivki’s father, singer Yonatan Razel, came in to sing for the girls in honor of Rivki’s return. Rivki will also be coming to the gan today (Wednesday) to participate in the gan’s Chanukah Party.

However, it seems that Rivki will not be returning to the gan on a regular basis in the near future. While her recovery so far has been nothing short of miraculous, for the next while Rivki will continue to receive inpatient treatment at the Alin Rehab Hospital,

Please continue to include Rivka bat Yael in your prayers. Rivki is still in need of many miracles in this season of miracles in order to return to her pre-accident level of health and functioning. Please read this chapter of psalms for a complete recovery for Rivka bat Yael as well as for my dear friend Hagit bat Leah, a dynamic, glowing, powerhouse, faith-filled 39-year-old mother of 5 who has cancer and is currently fighting for her life.


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this update, we’re still davening for Rivki and it’s so wonderful to be able to tell my son when he asks about her (they’re the same age and his whole heider was davening for her last year) what miracles Hashem has made in her healing … May she continue to full recovery so soon, be”H!

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