Mommy Peptalk: My Birthday Miracle


  1. Chanah Elka

    Happy Birthday, Chana.

    That was such a beautiful story. I was in tears (happy ones) by the end of the story.) I am so happy for you and your friend. Mazel Tov.

    May we all have the z’chus to have healthy pregnancies and healthy children.

  2. How wonderful it is when we get to be the giver of good news and encouragement to a friend!

    Happy Birthday to you (a bit belated)!

  3. Happy Birthday! You are such a wonderful friend and you clearly have an amazing connection!

    Mazel Tov!

  4. chana, may you always be the good shaliach for such happy news. mazel tov to all!

  5. Chana,

    How fitting that you were the conduit for giving your friend hope and strength, as you do regularly to all of us Jewish mothers through your books and your emails.

    Yishar kochech

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