This Week's Mommy Peptalk: The Martyr Mom

About a tough week, and what I’m doing to stop feeling like a martyr. 11 Minutes.

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  1. I totally agree Chana- there are times when it just over boils and we become like overcooked pasta thats stuck to the bottom of the pot- burnt out! I saw Talia Avrahamis play- she-asani kirtzono- stand up comendy with inspirational songs and different rabbis rebetzins lecturing in between- HIGHLY reccomended! Sometimes a good laugh and seeing that your not crazy for letting the fact that your husband leaves his coat anywhere but in its place- put you over the top and then its like -“thats the reason” your upset??…no that isnt the only reason- its cuz you are giving everyone all your energy and not giving yourself some time to get out – and what better way than to laugh and get inspired and aware of the differences in men/women parenting. etc etc… I was such a good mommy yesterday because of it…I really had a lot more patience and felt happy inside

  2. Where can we find Talia Avrahamis play- she-asani kirtzono-?
    I learned and am working on it: make a list of 50 things you can (and want) to be thankful for. That helps us to realise we ARE happy although we are tired or oververwhelmed by the big job we have. Hashem does help us, but it is difficult to be aware of it the whole time (we are too busy!:). We need to make our kli bigger so we can experience more light! It is a very good feeling to hear we are part of a very nice group of loving mothers! All bussy to bring up our children to serve Hashem and to bring Moshiach NOW!
    My Question: How come we give so much to our children and we dont experience fulfillment?

  3. This visualization is fantastic!
    I am more extreme in this area sometimes… It is like me to always give other’s the FULL bar of chocolate and at first that makes me feel great! I feel awesome about having such self sacrifice! seeing them enjoy it… and then well the next time I want a little for myself and I feel guilty and resentful when it is not offered to me… and well you get the picture – eventually I want the entire thing for myself and I get bitter and angry and I don’t wanna share my chocolate ever again! Even if this scenario is played out only in one of my relationships, it impacts the others. When I am burned out completely in one area of my life – the other areas take the brunt of my exhaustion and depletion.

    so yeah… you are so right. sometimes we are in a place when we can give that bigger piece away… but sometimes we are in the need to have it ourselves. And most importantly we should not feel guilty about it because guilt leads to resentment in the heart.

  4. the play she-asani kirtzono by Talia Avrahami will probably come again during pesach break- I noticed that all the plays are during the chofesh- but I was so happy they had it last saturday night because I missed it during Chanukkas chofesh- and there are so many other movies and plays of hers that I still want to see, so I pray that I am able to treat myself next time again. I will post again if I see any information out there, there wasnt a phone number or anything I remember seeing on the poster, but I’ll keep my eyes open for you- it was really funny and oh-so relevant to us jewish moms. Im so happy its raining- baruch Hashem – may it wash all the germs away!!! Amen

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