My Favorite Birthday Present

Courtesy of user The Felt Store

Happy birthdays to me, happy birthdays to me!

–December 29th was my Congratulations birthday

–The 11th of Tevet (three weeks ago) was my Mazal Tov birthday

–The 8th of Shvat (next week) is my Mommy Birthday, which I share with my oldest daughter (I mean the day I became a mom 13 years ago)

And this year my kids gave me the greatest present ever! They got me a mouse pad with a picture of all the kids. So even when I’m working at the computer, I can have them with me (but not SO with me that I can’t get any work done;)

So now you know what to ask for for your next birthday:)


  1. what a gift! what special children you have! may you always have much nachat and good times and moments together.

  2. I love that thought of one’s child’s birthday being noted for the first time one became a mother. Beautiful, thankyou.

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