Hear Aaron Razel's Newly-Released Hit Song!


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Aaron Razel last month with his newborn son, Eliya Mordechai. Photo by Efrat Razel.

I have been waiting for FOUR WHOLE YEARS for Aaron Razel to put out a new solo album. And I’m sure I’m not alone– Aaron Razel is one of the most popular musicians in Israel today.

So I was really happy and surprised to hear the fantastic new song “What did You Do Today?” on the radio last Sunday, and the announcement that this song will be featured on Aaron Razel’s soon-to-be-released album.

I LOVED the song, and I right away started working on a music video for it– with a JewishMOM twist;) My favorite photo in the video is, of course, the one of Aaron holding his month old baby, Eliya Mordechai. SO CUUUUTE!

I became totally obsessed with making this video this week, it kept me up too late and wake me up too early and distracted me throughout the afternoons with my kidlings. Efrat Razel, my dear buddy and Aaron’s wife, helped me out a lot with it as well with advice and photos. This video completely gobbled up my week, and is the reason why there are fewer posts than usual this week…Enjoy!


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  1. Wow! Good job! Love the song!

  2. Rachel Shifra

    What a wonderful question! What did you do today?
    Today I helped train volunteers to assist mothers who lost their babies, did 3 loads of laundry, cried, felt grateful for my home, talked to my mom, read my toddler books and let her sit on my head, made dinner, visited with my mother in law and wrote my grandmother a letter. Baruch Hashem.

    Wonderful job! Thank you for the video. I never tell you enough how wonderful and helpful your blog is. Thank you!

    • JewishMOM.com

      thanks rachel shifra, I loved what you wrote about your day. Hugs from jerusalem:)

  3. Amazing job
    Thanks for translating
    Truly beautiful

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful video with transporting words. Thank you for sharing this with the world. You did a wonderful job!

    And thanks for the translation.

  5. Loved the song. Thank you.

  6. Hmmm… I see I’m about three weeks behind. But I do get there eventually.

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