Micropreemie: A Baby Born at 25 Weeks

I was really shocked yesterday to hear that a recently married woman I know gave birth last Wednesday to a baby at 25 weeks! I later found out babies born even at 24 weeks can survive outside the womb.

Nitsania Tova is teensy (1.7 pounds) but is doing well and appears to be healthy. Please pray for teensy Nitsania Tova bat Shayna Liebe that she should continue growing and will healthy and strong.

I found this video of another baby born at 27 weeks, to give you a sense of what such an extreme preemie looks like. May we hear a lot of good news from Nitsania Tova and her parents Shayna and Shaul David Judelman!


  1. Friends of ours recently had a baby born in the 25th week. They gave him a name – chayim ben esther michal – and he needs our tefillot. If you have a moment please keep him in mind!

  2. My son was born at 26weeks. We went through long roller-coaster months (at birth he had a 50-50 chance of survival) but b”h. almost 8 years later, we have an incredible kid.

  3. Bubby from America

    My son was born at 27 weeks together with a twin who passed away in his first day of life. My son is now BH age 21 and is learning for smicha in a Lubavitcher yeshiva. He had a special bracha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe for a complete recovery. Last summer he was head counselor of a day camp and he has been all over the world during his year of shlichus in Lubavitch. He has not decided yet, what to do in the future; shlichus or some type of business.

  4. Elizabeth Davis

    The father’s parents are at my shul and the baby is on our tefillos list. We should only hear good news.

  5. I use to work in the NICU in LA and NY, and at times we had micro preemies, at 23-24 weeks, less than 600 grams, one was even about 570 grams, could fit into the palm of my hand; had a better survival rate with females, however,most did well,but it was a hard journey with major set backs; the persistent use of being intubated (on a ventilator) is a double edge sword, as the long term side effects are many. however, a significant percentage did well, and came back to our unit on birthdays with mild learning disabilities,(some more significant)as well as vision and GI(gastro) challenges. Most were active and happy; we are blessed with how far we have come

  6. I gave birth to a premee baby boy august 14,2014 he was 23 weeks and BH he is alive and healthy he was 610gr…

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