My Hero, Supermom Sima Zalmanov

SUPERMOM.jpgphoto © 2008 Mike On Maui | more info (via: Wylio)

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This Israeli news report about the Zalmanov family moved me very deeply, even to tears.

I love this report so much because this is the first video I’ve ever seen that provides viewers with a real taste of a bustling Orthodox kidling-filled home.

I so loved watching mother Sima Zalmanov in action, at the epicenter of the 21-member Zalmanov family. In this video, we see Sima Zalmanov dealing with the inevitable personal and financial stresses of raising a large family. We see her attempting to have an adult conversation– and the muddy socks and the falling toddler and the phone call to her husband that interrupt her. We see her in her ongoing struggle to maintain order amongst their 21-plus pairs of shoes and the six daily loads of laundry and the 3 filled-to-the-brim shopping carts. And we ultimately see her hard-earned nachas, and her intense sense of mission equaled only by her intense love for her children.

As a mom who is working like the dickens just to keep her head above water (and the laundry pile, and the diapers, and the playdates, and the “Eema, can you help me!”), I find it absolutely awe-inspiring to see a mother like Sima Zalmanov who manages to keep a smile on her own face and on the faces of her kids and husband even though she is mothering SO MANY more children than me!

Sima Zalmanov is totally my hero! Enjoy!

Click here to watch one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen– the Zalmanov family prepares for Passover. A must-see for every Jewish mom. Enjoy!


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  1. This made me cry… I want to be just like her but don’t know if I can make it there! (I’m up to 3 k”h!) Maybe I need to live in Israel..

    • It is beautiful and very inspirational!
      I do think that everyone is supposed to be what they are meant to be. If Hashem gave them this gift, great! Most people don’t have it, but they’re also being great Jewish Mothers. If you look at the shvatim when they go to mitzrayim, Dan had only one son and that son was deaf! In later countings of the Jewish people in the Midbar, Dan was one of the bigger tribes.
      I find the Zalmanov’s very inspirational when I’m overwelmed, but numbers aren’t everything.

  2. And she is the most amazing principal of middle/high school grades 7-12!!!!!
    Baruch Hashem that there are such women in Am Yisrael. May everyone fulfill their unique purpose, what ever it is, in joy.

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