10 Babies born in 1 Birth?


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A Russian news program recently reported that a first-time mother gave birth to 10 babies. According to this news report, the mother did not see a doctor during her pregnancy, which explains why there was such off-the-charts shock when she gave birth to 10 babies.

According to the report, the husband fainted when he realized that he had been transformed overnight into a father of 10. The hospital nurses say they were in shock when one baby after another were coming out of this woman. The mother is just doing everything she can to keep the names straight of her 5 newborn sons and 5 newborn daughters.

I was just laughing when I watched this, it just seems so unbelievable. But is it unbelievable/incredible or un-believable/I just don’t believe this?

I’m leaning now to thinking this is a made-up story…Watch this video and vote in the poll below what you think the truth is…

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  1. Just checked google, and it doesn’t appear anywhere else.
    I vote for made-up.

  2. Thank you for your weekly emails. I can’t make up my mind about this. My Hebrew is too basic to read on the video. Is it possible to obtain English translation?
    Todah raba

  3. I vote fiction, too. Unless those babies were several weeks old when the video was taken, there’s no way she could have had TEN full term babies inside her and still been able to WALK, and the staff would have known she was a multipara the second they set eyes on her. Our body limitations usually mean that multiple births are premature – we can’t handle the load of more than about 20-25 lbs., all of it balanced forward, on our own internal organs for the full term.

  4. Hadassah Aber

    definitely a hoax, those babies are way to big to be multiples. those look like 3 month old babies.

  5. First of all, this video was circulating on Facebook several months ago, so it didn’t happen this past week.
    Second of all, I asked my OB about this specific video & he explained to me, from a medical perspective as to exactly why this was absolutely impossible. He said that she would have suffered preeclampsia really early on (even if she was only carrying 4 infants) & thus would’ve delivered prematurely & they would not have been all normal gestational wt.
    Sorry to burst the bubble.

  6. Michele Chabin

    I had twins and they each weighed barely more than 2 kilos. No way this woman had 10 children at one time, and certainly not 3 kg each!

  7. It is obviously not true. I saw what the tummy of Octomom Nadya Suleman looked like, and she was not able to walk with 8 babies inside her. Secondly, those babies look all healthy and full term, and there is no way she carried that many babies inside her, to full term.

    Great creativity from Russia, who apparently still needs to beat America/ns at everything!!!

  8. Hi, First time poster and glad to be a part of the conversation .

  9. Oh, this was a joke! The 1st day of April is a day of jokes in Russia. So, there’s a some kind of tradition to make news like this. But to make people to believe they make some news befor e this day. Or after. Some time they admit it was a joke, some time no, but everyone now it was. :).

  10. Producers would surprise how much they shocked JewishMoms 🙂 but they are not so simple-to-believe persons.

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