The Mommy Detour by Rachel Barmatz

The Mommy Detour by Rachel Barmatz

I just read an excellent article on about an Ivy-League graduate who feels conflicted about her decision to become a stay-home mother…I especially enjoyed this article because it reminded me that 10 years ago, this was exactly the kind of article I would have written. And today, I can’t even really remember why I ever felt bad about being a SAHM. Not working doesn’t work for every mom, but for me and my family it just feels so right. Enjoy!

The Mommy Detour by Rachel Barmatz

It’s 7:30 am and I can hear Esther Rosa’s sweet cry from the next room. “Coming bubah (doll),” I call to her. I think of my diligent husband who has already been hard at work for a half hour, brokering deals and writing up contracts. Now my day is starting too. It begins with singing modeh ani to the beautiful baby with the disheveled, curly hair, smiling up at me from her crib.

A few short years ago, I would have imagined these mornings very differently. I would hit the alarm clock, step into a swanky pants suit, grab the paper, and chug down a few cups of coffee before heading out to the office by way of the gym. This routine would complement the step by step life plan… being first in my high school class: check. Graduating from an Ivy League University: check. Nabbing an ultra-successful career (complete with status, prestige, and possibly a fancy doctorate in the works): On hold?…

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