Mommy Peptalk: How Can I Possibly Be Happy this Purim?

Reflections on the recent tragedies in Itamar, Nachlaot, and Japan.


  1. so funny enough your pep talk this week was probably the most profound in hashkafa sense. Chana jenny you really gave me hizuk and thats exactly what I asked Hashem for today. I havent heared a proper shiur on purim, and i am so longing to get into the spiritlike you said, and all these tragedies sit on my soul and weaken its strength to go out and get infused with spirituality, and you just gave me the gas togo out and learn how to strengthen my itachon in Hashem and see thru persian carpet eyes the master plan – the ultimate goal- mashiach. hag sameach

  2. I love the Persian carpet analogy- it is something I remember learning many years ago and always sticks with me. I also find it so relevant to Megilat Esther- as the Megilah is like the ‘Persian’ rug. We, as readers of the Megilah- see the beautiful rug- almost like a patchwork quilt- completed with all the peices put together. But what did the Jews of Shushan see? The underside- with many knots and ugliness- they were on the brink of facing annihilation. The Megilah story unfolded over many years- during which there must have been much sadness, worry and reason to lose emunah. As we are experiencing our current tragedies- we are like the Jews of Shushan- uncertain of how each piece of yarn will be threaded together to create Hashem’s master plan. Even in our darkness we must remember “Revach v’hatzlah yaamod memakom acher.” Purim sameach!

  3. Watching this after Purim, no time before. I also love the carpet analogy and have used it many times. We had a real “ve na’afoch hu” here – during the afternoon of Purim, my husband shared two pieces of bad news with me, which he couldn’t keep to himself any longer, so at least there was the opportunity to use the eis ratzon of Purim to daven for the people concerned. But then after the clearup, an email came from a dear friend who has been waiting for her beshert, to say she is engaged!

  4. gail ann thompson

    Thank you.
    I happened upon your peptalk this morning, just at a time when I was feeling discouraged. It has refreshed my attitude, and renewed my spirit.

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