Getting to the Point by Anna Quindlen

Getting to the Point by Anna Quindlen

Did I ever tell you that, in general, I try to only post things on this blog that make me laugh or make me cry? So I was looking all over this morning for something so wonderful and moving and true that it brought tears to my eyes or laughter to my lips, and I finally found just what I was looking for on my favorite blog, Lisa Belkin’s Motherlode. This article made me laugh and cry, all together…

In the following article, Anna Quindlen, now a mother of grown children, looks back and remembers what she loved about every single stage of raising children. And she comes to the conclusion that motherhood just keeps on getting better and better…Very beautiful.

By Anna Quindlen
Oh, I loved having babies. The smell, the feel, the … well, I liked the stupidity of them. The way they grabbed their own feet and then looked perplexed at the fact that they somehow felt it in their bodies. The way they’d be entranced by sunlight or ringing phones or the thrum of the dishwasher. There’s a popular YouTube video that shows a baby in near-hysterical laughter because someone is tearing up a piece of paper. That’s babies all over. Why paper? Why tearing? Who knows?

And toddlers — they were great, too. The way they would march across the lawn once they acquired motor skills, then run back to the shelter of mom legs, then sally forth again. The way they would mangle their words and chew their consonants and name things obsessively: Hot dog. Big bird. Good boy. The way they would dress themselves and then wind up looking as though they’d done so in the dark, color-blind. The way they would catch you if you tried to skip a sentence or two in a beloved book: “That’s not right!” They had such a strong sense of fairness and no filter at all. “That man is fat!” they would say, then be perplexed by the notion that there was anything wrong about that.

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for posting this and all the other inspirational stuff to keep us mothers going:)

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