How do YOU Get Kids to Help with Pesach Cleaning?

Last week my neighbor Tiki gave me a great suggestion to get my kids excited about helping with Pesach cleaning.

First of all, you make a chart with all the kids’ names, and whoever helps with cleaning gets a point on the chart. Whoever gets the most points by the end of the week gets to choose the prize for all the kids who helped during the week. They could choose, for example, pizza, ice cream, a cheap toy, a trip somewhere.

So, I made a chart like this last week. School-age kids received a point for every 10 minutes they cleaned. And little kids got a point for anything they helped with. And it really worked! Yesterday my 10-year-old, who had accumulated the most points, chose a prize for all the kids– big burekas! They were very excited, and are very excited to see who will be able to choose the prize next week.

Please share your tips for getting kids excited about helping with cleaning below…


  1. I invested the money I’d (like to) spend on cleaning help on books for the kids instead. It keeps them quiet and makes them feel rewarded for their help at the same time…and, yes, I admit defeat, I also pay them: a pittance for me, a treasure for them: If I’d pay a stranger (as in, if I had the money… ) then why not pay the kids! Must be the generation before mashiach….?

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