2 Mazal Tovs…

This was a big week for mazal tovs among my Mini-Mom Video Series stars…

On Friday I attended the bris of the newborn son of my friend, Ilana Mizrachi, whom they named Asher Yisrael. Here is the Mini-Mom movie I made a few years back about Ilana and her 4-year wait to have her first child…B”H, Ilana now a mother of three children… May she and her husband merit to raise Nissim, Freida, and little Asher to Torah, Chuppah, and Maasim Tovim!

Also, a big mazal tov to our friends Raz and Leah Hartman on the birth of their fifth child last Monday morning. Watch the 2-minute Mini-Mom video I made about Leah a few years ago…With music by Raz in the background. May the Hartmans continue to be blessed with tremendous nachas from all of their adorable children- Uriya, Shira, Netanya, Yikrat, and new baby too…

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  1. Mazal Tov!

    May G-d bless them in having many kids, healthy, happy and Tzadikim B”H!

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