The Mother of all Miracles by Freidl Leibe bas Chava

I read this intensely moving and powerful article this week on It’s the personal story of a mother who gives birth after two miscarriages…


There is simply overwhelming silence.

I’ve been meaning to write for months now, to share the enormous joy with all those who shared my pain and fear, to tell people that a miracle happened not so long after I last wrote – that, after three years of a new marriage, new step-motherhood, and, alas, two miscarriages, I became the mother of a healthy, sunny-natured, delicious baby girl.
After two thwarted pregnancies, this one was largely uneventful. We went with a “high risk” obstetrical practice, but it turned out that it was a routine nine months (though I — gratefully, gleefully — threw up several times a day until nearly the last month). The real risk, it seems, was the fear and apprehension that shadowed me at every moment, like background music set so low that it can barely be discerned consciously.

It wasn’t until 30 weeks or so that it even seemed real. I was waddling around like a modestly dressed hippo…

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