My Dream Come True: Some Incredible Stats

My Dream Come True: Some Incredible Stats

4 years ago I was working as a freelance writer for and and a bunch of other Jewish sites and publications.

But that all changed when my learning partner and I started learning Rabbi Noach Weinberg’s 48 Ways, and we were presented with Rabbi Weinberg’s life-altering question, “What is your goal in life?” So I told my learning partner that, among other things, my goal was to inspire Jewish mothers with my writing and videos. And I also pointed out to her that I really wasn’t accomplishing my goal. I was inspiring a lot of people with my writing. But my dream of reaching out to Jewish moms in particular wasn’t really happening.

So, a few months later, I gave up freelancing, and started spending all my morning hours working on And, over the past few years, I have been able to, slowly slowly, see my dream become a reality.

But I hadn’t realized to what an extent my dream of 4 years ago has actually come true until I looked at my google analytics for the first time last week, and I found out all sorts of fascinating and wonderful information about YOU, my dear readers.

One recent, typical month looked like this: had 13,036 Unique Visitors.

That means that over the course of one month, 13,036 different people visited my site. When I read this, I remembered back to a talk I attended by one of Israel’s most famous rabbis in one of Israel’s biggest auditoriums, and I did some math and figured out at the time that over 3000 women were sitting in that humongous hall. And when I read that I had had 13,036 unique visitors, I realized that over 4 times as many people as had filled that auditorium visit every month. And that felt a bit heavy to me. I actually felt that responsibility like a physical weight inside my chest. But it also felt and feels very exciting. To see the wonders of Hashem, and how He has enabled me to reach so many moms through the miracle of the internet…

I also found out that:

10, 295 (55%) of my visitors live in the United States (and 3512 of those Americans live in New York)
4519 (24%) of my visitors live in Israel
970 (5%) live in the UK
696 (3%) live in Canada
518 (2%) live in Australia
There were also visitors from Germany, Belgium, South Africa, France, as well as other countries.

40% of my visitors arrived at directly (through looking up my URL)
21% arrived at through Google
20% found it through Facebook (thanks so much to all you JewishMOMs on Facebook who have helped so much to spread the word about!)

And something curious…The most common search engine keywords that brought a person to were:
1. Hebrew Name Tsofia (This is my daughter’s name. Though I’ve never really written anything about it. I wonder what these searchers actually see…)
2. Chanoch Lenaar Dina Friedman (this is my incredible parenting class which I mention from time to time)
4. jewish mom
5. Segulot (auspicious practices, as in auspicious practices for birth and pregnancy)
6. Chana Jenny Weisberg

Anyway, all of this is just a way for me to publicize the miracle that Hashem has made by enabling to succeed like it has. Thank you, Hashem. And thank you, my dear JewishMOMs!

May this site continue to grow and continue to spread inspiration from one Jewish mother to another. Please G-d!


  1. Thank you again for writing and for the simple act of being here, present, on this site. The last few weeks I have pondered nothing but that question “What is my goal in life?” Is my job accomplishing this? Am I really reaching out for what I want or letting life get in the way? I think that Hashem has put you here for such an incredible and important reason, and just a tiny part of that reason was to inspire me today to keep reaching for my ultimate goal. Thank you!

  2. Mazal Tov! It takes a lot of commitment to do this, and your statistics show that we all appreciate your time and effort. Tizki Lemitzvot!!!

  3. I agree – we, your readers really do get inspired – and for some of us it’s practically on a daily basis. I don’t get much time to read, or even sit for that matter. But when I do sit down, I usually go to your website to read the latest. I was a part of lots of blogs back when I didn’t have as much responsibility but these days all I read is your’s!
    (I also own both of your books and lend them out all the time to my other Jewish mom friends here in Seattle.)
    Thank you Chana Jenny!

  4. So I have to tell you that this blog is an educating inspiring uplifting cure for post marital and natal depression- i get so much frm these wonderful intelligent moms- and of course from you Chana- just the right topics with the right intentions and lessons that we need to learn to be better moms. I value the time you put in and look forward to this blog whenever I can sit and look, reply and digest. Kol Tuv and Yishar Coach!

  5. My goal in life, when it gets addressed, is quite related to yours – it’s to inspire people to Torah using writing. Not specifically moms, although that’s a huge part of my current life, but anyone I can.

    At the moment I’m just practising, by writing which I would love anyone interested to read – it’s a tale of personal challenges and growth, hopefully! I’m also at the very beginning stages of writing a book together with someone else, but all these things are so easily forgotten in the daily rush of life with little kids that it’s important to be reminded! thank you Channa Jenny for a refocus 🙂

  6. Congrats on 4 years and realizing a dream come true. (PS-don’t you just love Google Analytics s?!)

  7. I find it amazing that a dream can turn into a reality. It takes a lot of determination and siyata dishmaya. Thank you for sharing. You are truly inspiring.

    I am trying to work out myself if I can realize my own dream. Do I really have the talent and characteristics needed to turn my dream into actuality? Am I dreaming for something that is beyond my capabilities? ……

  8. Thanks for sharing the stats. Your Expecting Miracles was my inspiration during pregnancy, your videos got me through the early days of being an ima, your website gave me daily chizuk as things got more complex. Now we are neighbors and you’ve inspired me to start writing myself. This is really the kind of thing I should be saying in person, but I want to add to the public hakarat hatov and say, WOW, Thank God. Look what you’ve accomplished, and may it only continue and grow.

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