The Shavuos Nachas Contest!

The Shavuos Nachas Contest!

In honor of the festival of Shavuot, when we and our children celebrate the giving of the Torah, is having the world’s first Nachas Contest.

JewishMOM, what was YOUR biggest Nachas moment EVER with YOUR kids? Send me your Nachas story (250 words or less) along with a photo of that nachas-causing child or children (to and the mom with the #1 nachas story will win a free copy of my book One Baby Step at a Time: 7 Secrets of Jewish Motherhood.

I LOVE CONTESTS! Can’t wait to hear from you:)


  1. One time one of your prizes can be to write a guest blog on your site!

  2. I say ANY yiddishe mama who can get their kid’s finest nachas moment into 50 words or less deserves a medal!

  3. can i stack the odds of winning and send in a nachas moment for each kid??

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