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Loneliness, sadly, is often part and parcel of modern motherhood. But Mothers to Mothers author Julie Hauser is trying to do something to help us JewishMOMs create meaningful friendships with one another. I received this letter this week from Julie about her exciting partnering project for JewishMOMs. Yasher koach Julie!

Dear Chana, I would like to offer to your reading community a sort of matchmaker system for mothers to interact with one another on a possibly deeper level than passing in the store/shuk or at the park/carpool.

Introducing: Mothers to Mothers Partners

My goal is that every woman who would like to connect with another woman on the topic of identity and Jewish motherhood either as a mentor/mentee relationship (i.e., big sister/little sister) or as basic encouragement and inspiration for one another, may interact one-on-one with a partner, tailor-matched to her interests and needs.

I’m going to encourage these interactions to be either “live” on the phone or in person, rather than email or texting. I think that people nowadays have this type of “real” interaction less and less, and I think it is more and more craved, needed and missed, whether consciously or not.

We don’t often have a chance to relate with depth, or to give each other the good words which are part of our koach hadibur (strength of speech) we have been gifted with, by virtue of being created women, as Rebbetzin Tehilla Jaeger teaches. We have a reciprocal need for these good words, and an enhanced ability to give them. Sometimes, we just need the opportunity (or the intiative).

Those who wish to be or get a partner may email me (Julie Hauser), and I will send a quick survey form to complete. Email to: (The email that comes back may be a different address.)

Once I have a database I will make matches accordingly, and provide the pair a little structure to start up their partnership with either a topic, a book, sefer, or some other type of venue.

May we go from strength to strength,
Julie Hauser
Author, Mothers to Mothers: Women across the Globe Share the Joys and Challenges of Jewish Motherhood

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