David Beckham’s Baby Girl by Jeff Jacoby

David Beckham’s Baby Girl by Jeff Jacoby

Special thanks to Yehudit Levy for sending this my way…
David and Victoria Beckham were overjoyed by the birth last week of their fourth child, a baby girl they named Harper. “We all feel so blessed and the boys love their baby sister so much!!!” the former Spice Girl exulted to her vast following on Twitter. A few days later she posted a picture of her husband cradling his new daughter, with the tender comment: “Daddy’s little girl!”

What heart wouldn’t be warmed by the Beckhams’ delight in their newborn?

The Observer’s wouldn’t.

In a remarkably churlish article on Sunday, Britain’s influential left-leaning newspaper (The Observer is The Guardian’s sister Sunday paper) pronounced Harper’s parents “environmentally irresponsible” for choosing to bring her into the world. Headlined “Beckhams a ‘bad example’ for families,” the piece was a sour blast at parents who raise good-sized families. “One or two children are fine but three or four are just being selfish”…

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  1. I like the line “That’s why the birth of virtually any baby is cause to rejoice, and why parents who decide to raise another child bestow a gift on all of us.” That’s a REALLY nice way to look at it:)

  2. I loved this article because it highlighted so easily the truth of Jewish esoteric thinking regarding Olam Haemet and Olam Hasheker, the worlds of Truth and Torah, and the world of Falsehood. Sometimes the lines are so blurred and we are so easily confused but in this case, for me, the truth is so clear regarding the advantages of “populating the world”, in our language: being fruitful and multiplying (love biblical language 🙂 ) My favorite part: comparing the world economy to a birthday party….

  3. I think the Beckmans are making a very positive statement. on one hand they are a very materialistic oriented family..always in the limelight, and she is always looking anorexic but stylish to the max even though she rarely smiles; however, in spite of their values, somewhere they have some of those values in order…4 kids, and maybe more in the future…they are giving a positive message admist the Gucci, Prada and soccer…good for them

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