The Top 7 Top Websites for JewishMOMs

The Top 7 Top Websites for JewishMOMs

I’m always on the prowl for new excellent websites for JewishMOMs. Here (in no particular order) are my 7 favorite website (are any of your favorites not on this list? Please add your recommendations in the comments).

1. The All Victories Blog : This is a wonderful newborn blog created by my friend and neighbor Chaya Houpt about the challenges and battles and small victories of her life as a JewishMOM of 3 very small children. Everything Chaya writes is real and from the gut and inspiring. The moment I get the notification that there’s a new All Victories post, I click at the speed to light to check out what Chaya has to say today…

2. The Jewish Woman This is the women’s site of Every week, editor Sara Esther Crispe gathers together an impressive collection of articles about the moving, challenging, and uplifting life experiences of a diverse array of Jewish women. The Jewish Woman also features recipes, advice, and articles about the upcoming holidays.

3. Imamother Every day, over a thousand Orthodox mothers from all over the world visit the imamother bulletin boards in order to share and discuss and get advice from one another. Tons of forums on a zillion JewishMOM related topics: pregnancy, parenting, infertility, marriage, Life in Israel, current events (etc., etc. etc…) A great way to connect with an extremely diverse crowd of JewishMOMs– from Upper West Side Modern Orthodox to Bnei Brak Charedi. Fascinating and fun site.

4. I really love the inspirational, moving articles and videos on and especially the many parenting/marriage/relationship related articles. Secretly (though I guess now it won’t be so secretly), I see as my role model. My goals is to create that same kind of excellent, uplifting, and moving content for frum moms.

5. A Mother in Israel A blog by Hannah Katsman. Great writing on interesting topics. Lots of posts about breastfeeding and the National Religious community in Israel as well as more controversial topics.

6.Motherlode This is my favorite secular website (though the editor, Lisa Belkin, is actually a fellow JewishMOM:)). Visiting Motherlode enables me to occasionally come out of my “Orthodox-in-Israel” cave and peek around at what mothers in the Old Country are up to. Lisa’s a phenomenal editor and writer, and while Motherlode would never receive a haskama, it’s definitely one of my favorite places to hang out online and get ideas for

7. Shine Parenting This is Yahoo’s online parenting magazine. I discovered it only recently, but it often features interesting personal stories, how-to articles, and advice for mothers. I also enjoy Shine’s Moments of Motherhood section, with cute videos and helpful advice and columns on mothering.

What are your favorite websites, JewishMOMs? Please share in the comments section…


  1. A fantastic website full of activities and services for families in the London Jewish community…

  2. Great list! I also spend time on many of these sites, and look forward to checking out the ones I haven’t seen before!

    While I’m certainly biased, I think that my blog, is also pretty snazzy. I hope to inspire other women, wives, and mommies to find meaning in otherwise mundane tasks. I share household tips, parenting advice and foibles, relationship stuff, menu planning, and more.

    I recently started a series on Women Who Inspire Us (, where readers answer a series of questions about a woman who they find inspirational. My goal is to provide a series of posts that we can go to whenever we need a pick-me-up, or a giggle, or a smile. Wouldn’t that be nice? Today is actually the first post!

    • I agree Rivki. I like your blog too!!!

    • Couldn’t resist a peak: very classy design and lovely to read…
      LOOOOOOVE the subhead: Finding the Kedusha in the Dishes


      Too cute.

  3. I of course like my blog about health and wellness for everyone. It is good as well.

    • Lily, your blog has just been added to my reading. I have been looking for something like that.

  4. One of my personal favorites? Check out

    • JewishMom

      thanks for telling me about this one, Esther, I checked circleofmoms out, and I will be going back. Lots of good stuff here…

  5. With my 3 little ones and no outside help, I only have a teensy bit of extra time and THIS SITE is the THE ONLY one I ever read!!

  6. well i have to put mine out there
    I also love life in the married lane and my favorite

  7. Can I ask- how do you subscribe to Motherlode- do you have a NYTimes membership? Or can you view it on an RSS feed without encountering the NYT paywall?

    • JewishMom

      I’ve never encountered a new york times paywall there…I get there by googling “motherlode blog” and have never been asked to pay…(although if I had to start paying, I would! I love that blog!)

  8. These are all amazing sites that I love! I work on, a website for Jewish women. It’s not just for Moms but it has parenting articles and resources among other things. As for Jewish Mommy-blogs, I also like and They are both very real.

  9. Nice list. I found this through a tweet. I started a free recipe site All jewish mothers need to cook, we may as well make it fun!

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