The 1 in 50 Million Uterus

The 1 in 50 Million Uterus

Next time you lose hope, remember that Hashem can do ANYTHING…What’s my proof? See below…

From Today Moms:
“Sorry boys, just because you were born to the same mother at the same time, doesn’t mean you’re twins. Your mom’s two uteruses disqualifies you for inclusion in that club. Wrap your head around this one — a mom in India has two wombs, conceived two babies at separate times, and gave birth to both of them within an hour of each other. That not enough to take in? She didn’t find out about the second baby until she was in labor. What are the chances?! According to experts, about one in 50 million.”

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  1. Once I heard a story of a woman that got pregnant and then got pregnant again 3 weeks later!!! They joked about you not being free of birth control just because you’re pregnant!

  2. Wow – that is pretty crazy!!

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