Babble Founders: The 4 Parenting Taboos (15-Minute Video)

Babble Founders: The 4 Parenting Taboos (15-Minute Video)

I think this TED talk by the founders of Babble about “Exploding Parenting Taboos” is really thought-provoking and true.

I especially love when they explain that if you plan a trip to Europe and end up hiking in Nepal, then you’ll be disappointed no matter how gorgeous the Himalayas are. So too with parenting. If we prepare ourselves realistically for the joys as well as the upward climbs and the steep descents of parenting, then we’ll be able to love this adventure rather than just wait for this trek to finally be over in 18 years. Thanks to my buddy Shulamis S. for sending this my way!

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  1. I loved this, after my miscarriage I was also in awe of the secret club which i had been inducted into that included neighbors, friends and family members that had all been through that experience unbeknownst to me. I also really related to the lonely feeling. I would add another Taboo nursing is not always the most magical intimate bonding experience, it is that but it is also boring and painful and inconvenient at other times. Thanks.

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