One JewishMOM’s Testimonial: Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura Empowered me to Write 3 Books

One JewishMOM’s Testimonial: Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura Empowered me to Write 3 Books

No class or course I have ever taken has improved my life as dramatically as Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Personal Development chabura, and I HIGHLY recommend it from the bottom of my heart to every Jewish mom reading this. A new chabura will be starting on August 30th, and Rabbi Nivin is making a special introductory offer for new participants:Try the first 3 sessions for free, with no obligation! And, as a special incentive to readers, every woman who registers for this 3-week offer will automatically participate in a raffle to win an entire free 3-month-session of the Chabura (worth $150).

Here is another JewishMOM’s story about how the Chabura is enabling her to achieve her dream of becoming a 3-time author:

When a friend told me about Rabbi Nivin’s Personal Development Chaburah, I was interested because it sounded like a great way to grow. But at the same time I wondered what I would gain out of it. What’s the derech? What’s a life coach? And why do I need to have someone tell me how to grow? After all, I’m self motivated and had been growing steadily without a structured Chaburah group for years.

But the person who suggested the group to me has always directed me
to really positive experiences, so I joined up. That was about 3 and 1/2
years ago and I’m still learning, growing and becoming a greater person with
the help of HaShem and R’ Nivin.

R’ Nivin’s course has taught me how to chart a plan for growth and to take small tangible steps to achieve my ultimate life goals. It has taught me how to ride the waves of discouragement, lack of motivation, burn out, post baby and pre-baby exhaustion – and to still be spiritually focused.

Through this course I’ve learned to love myself, accept my failings and live with awareness of HaShem and His love for me.

One of the main focuses of the course is living a life you love. The first step in achieving that goal is figuring out what you most love doing. This takes time, patience, and siyata d’shmaya to track down those special gifts HaShem has given us and to learn to use and direct them towards leading a fulfilling life. But once you’ve worked out who you are, what talents you have, and what pursuits bring you the greatest pleasure, you are like a rocket shooting full speed ahead towards where you want to go. Life is so pleasurable when you can live it being the person you truly want to be.

For me, since starting R’ Nivin’s course I’ve B”H written 2 books and am currently Be”H on my third. R’ Nivin’s course has empowered me to express myself in ways I previously wouldn’t have considered possible. I wouldn’t have thought I could write (I have the messiest handwriting, can’t spell to save myself, and grammar – don’t ask!). But when I was clear on my yeud (my life’s purpose), I have found that all barriers and hurdles
just melted away.

However, all said and done, the most important and life-changing part of my
journey with the Chaburah is that my relationship with HaShem has grown,
developed and blossomed. R’ Nivin is HaShem’s shaliach and His advocate.
R’ Nivin has taught me how to live constantly with HaShem, to rise above petty nonsense, to invite HaShem into my life and my heart and deepest self.

I would walk any distance, climb any mountain, dive deep into any ocean to achieve even a small amount of closeness to our Creator – but R’ Nivin makes it easy.

Since I joined the Chabura I know that the key to achieving my greatest goals and dreams is just a phone call away.

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