Community Board Issues?

Shalom all! A few moms have told me that they are having difficulty reaching the community bulletin board.

Could you please try clicking on the COMMUNITY tab above, then clicking on the bulletin board link, and tell me if you are able to reach the bulletin board or not?

If you can’t reach the bulletin board, what browser/operating system are you using? What happens exactly…do you get an error notice? I’m working to solve the issue, IY”H, soon:)


  1. hey CJ- welcome home!! – so the community link doesnt flip down and give you a bulletin board option like the way your book tab fips down and lets you chose options of the home page- but when i clicked community it sent me to a page with a link to the bulletin board- so im using windows xp- internet explorer- behatzlacha!

  2. I was having trouble, but now it works great!

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