The Irene-Elul Connection from Rabbi Aryeh Nivin

The Irene-Elul Connection from Rabbi Aryeh Nivin

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin sent out the following thought-provoking idea about the spiritual potential of Hurricane Irene…(please note, this week is your last chance to register for the 3-week free trial offer of Rabbi Nivin’s AMAZING Personal Development Chabura starting this Wednesday)
Rabbi Nivin wrote:
Regarding the hurricane that hit New York earlier today, I wanted to share an insight with you all about the spiritual potential of this hurricane.

Sometimes we can get very busy before Chodesh Elul with getting the kids back to school and getting the house prepared for the fall.

Many times we actually forget about Chodesh Elul until mid-Elul when the smoke clears.

But this year is different for those of you on the East Coast of North America.

Difficult events often make us think about the important things in our lives and make us pray to Hashem that people will be safe and people won’t suffer. They enable us to get perspective about the true meaning of life (take it from someone who last week had missiles falling a few hundred yards from my home in Ashdod).

This year try to hang on to those insights and bring them right into Elul from the very beginning.

And may Hashem protect everyone from harm and from needless suffering.

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  1. Something that struck me: the headlines reported 2 million people as being “powerless”. Aren’t we all, newscaster. Aren’t we all.

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