A Bat Mitzvah with Rebbetzin Kanyevksy

A Bat Mitzvah with Rebbetzin Kanyevksy

This morning my dear friend and long-time (4 years this month!) Email chavruta Sara Deb shared with me these wonderful photos from the bat mitzvah of her oldest child, Adina. In honor of the bat mitzvah, this week Sara and her father took Adina to the Bnei Brak home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Kanyevsky for the vatikin minyan and afterwards Adina received a blessing in honor of her bat mitzvah from the rebbetzin.

I thought this was such an exceptionally meaningful way to celebrate a bat mitzvah, to get a blessing from a great rebbetzin who so embodies a mother’s spiritual aspirations for her daughter (this is giving me some ideas for Hallel’s bat mitzvah this coming spring…)

Do you JewishMOMs have any other great ideas for celebrating a daughter’s bat mitzvah?

Bat Mitzvah girl Adina Gutfreund with Rebbetzin Kanyevsky

Adina holding the bat mitzvah blessing Rebbetzin Kanyevsky wrote for her.

Adina with her proud mother (and my dear friend and chavruta) Sara Debbie Gutfreund


  1. My good friend had an hafrashat Challa ceremony in her home for close friends and famiy and then had a family picture slideshow showing photos they took at the kkotel and from years past with avraham Frieds “aleh katan” song in the backround which she (the mother) recorded in her honor in a studio- we were balling!!! (she explained the importance of sticking to your roots and heritage and then played the song/slideshow- it was very inspirational and moving. the girl and her friends also prepared a choriagraphed dance for everyone with music- it was so quaint and personal- really had an effect. behatzlacha!

  2. what a zchut adina has to have such parents. they showed her what is really important. thank you for sharing such a meaningful story with us, and mazal tov to adina!! (and her parents).

  3. Chana Schoenberg

    re ideas for Bat Mitzvah girl!
    I give a perfume party..where the girls make their own perfumes, usualy two, based on two women in Tanach: they can be Ruth and Naomi, Leah and Miriam or whomever, or even on the name of the Bat mitzvah girl.
    the idea is to match the inherent qualities of the perfume with the middoth and qualities of a particular Matriarch, etc. Foe example frankincense and rose are about compassion and kindness; Rochel Imenu is also about chesed and rachamin.so we use these ingredients if we make the perfume based on Rochel. thaere are many other examples.
    we break up into 4-8 tables dependng on how many girls they are, one group works on one perfume and then after 20-30 mintues we switch sides. they leave with two pretty glass roll-on perfumes 10 ml. with quality essential oils in a cute little organza bag with flowers. have done numerous workshops of this kind in US and Europe and Israel as well. well received, recommendatinos available. For further details Tal Fine Essential Oils,chanarivka770@gmail.com.

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