Great Tip for the 1st Week of School by Debra David

Here’s a simple, sweet, and smart tip to help our kids ease the sometimes tough transition back to school/nursery school that I just received from JewishMOM life coach Debra David.

This tip is for the first week of school/nursery school.

I’ve heard this a few times from different people –

Put a note in your child’s lunch bag to show them you’re thinking of them.

For kids who don’t yet know how to read, draw a picture instead – a smiley face, a heart etc.

The note alone is enough or you could add in a little treat as well.

You can also try this at random times during the year, but especially at harder times for your child: first week of school, first day back from vacation, the day of a hard test…

Last year, I remembered to do this a few times throughout the year. The first time that I did it, I simply drew a heart on a piece of paper with a smiley face in the middle and put it in with my daughter’s sandwich.

When I came to pick her up at the end of the day, her teacher said that she held onto my smiley face the entire day!

This is one thing that is so simple to do yet it means so much to our children to know that we are thinking of them.

Wishing you and your children an easy transition back to school and a wonderful school year.

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  1. my mother was not much of a letter or note writer, so when i came to school the day after PTA meetings and found a little love note from her tucked into my desk, it was a priceless moment for me.
    i have tried to do the same little love note (or just a smiley face) for my kids when i come to PTA meetings. i highly recommend this, as it is physical proof for our kids that we really do love them.

    • thanks tamar, I loved hearing this about your memories of your mother’s notes:)

  2. When my daughter started kindergarten I drew a heart on the palm of her hand and kissed it. I told her if she got scared or nervous she could look down and know that I’m with her. This has become a first day of school mommy daughter thing we do. She’s in 3rd grade, I thought she wouldn’t want me to this, this year but she actually asked me to it this year. 🙂 I also slip notes in her lunch with little jokes or smiles or just have a great day.

    • I read a very sweet children’s book with this same idea about kissing the child’s hand, does anyone know the book that I’m talking about. It was very, very nice.

      • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. My daughters kindergarten teacher read it on their first day of school. There wasn’t a dry eye in the class when she was done.

  3. My other idea is to write a note to a child who can’t read. Read it to them in the morning, so that later when they see it, they know what it says and smile:)

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