’s Funniest Home Video Contest’s Funniest Home Video Contest

Hear ye, hear ye, all JewishMOMs are hereby invited to join the’s Funniest Home Videos Contest. Send me your cutest, sweetest, chuckle-worthiest home videos featuring your kids, and if your video wins, you will receive:

1st Place Winner: $100 Gift Certificate for’s totally gorgeous Rosh Hashana Cards

2nd Place Winner: The newly-released must-read book for every JewishMOM: Let’s Stay Safe on teaching personal safety to children by Bracha Goetz (Artscroll).

May the best Funniest Home Video win!*

*Why am I doing this contest in Elul? I thought of another contest that was heavy and meaningful and spiritual, but then I decided that what most moms REALLY need this Elul is to relearn how to look at our kids and smile after the draining, JewishMOM burn-outing marathon that is summer vacation. And learning how to enjoy our kids again, I thought, is a big ingredient in the teshuva we JewishMOMs can do this Elul.

Photo courtesy of User Wu’s Photo Land


  1. Are you looking for cute and sweet, or for funniest? My funniest are not sweet, they are usually with misbehaving kids 🙂

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