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I just received the following announcement from a friend who helps run Nishmat’s amazing and totally free Women’s Halachic Hotline. These hardworking women at the hotline are truly doing Avodat Kodesh, enabling women around the world to keep taharat hamishpach in accordance with halacha, and I highly recommend participating in this study:

A first of its kind medical-halachic study is seeking to gather information regarding the prevalence and nature of “halachic infertility” in order to develop more effective approaches to treatment.

All existing medical information regarding women’s menstrual cycles is based on the general population, and does not necessarily reflect the situation of women who observe taharat hamishpacha.

The goal of our research is to collect first hand data about the menstrual cycles of halacha observant women, including cycle length, days of staining and bleeding, bedikot, halachic questions, etc. In addition, we will investigate the prevalence of problematic situations such as short cycles.

The research is being conducted by yoatzot halacha Dr. Deena Zimmerman and Dr. Tova Ganzel.

We are looking for participants who meet the following criteria:

-practicing taharat hamishpacha (Jewish laws of mikvah)
-not using hormonal contraception or any other hormonal treatments
-not using any kind of IUD
-not pregnant
-if postpartum – have resumed menses (even if still breastfeeding)
at any age before menopause

Participation in the study involves keeping a detailed account of your menstrual cycle (menstrual diary) and monitoring ovulation for up to six months.

Participants will receive home ovulation tests for the duration of their participation in the study.

For more details or to join the study, please go to

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