Over $4500 Raised for Pedophile Victims

JewishMOMs, I always knew that you are the best, but now I have real-life proof.

In the end, you JewishMOMs have sent in over $4500 to provide psychological assistance and life-brightening food packages for the neediest families involved in the pedophile crisis in my neighborhood (click here if you would like to read the EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Haaretz article on Nachlaot’s pedophiles). This is FAR more money than I expected to raise, and I feel like it just shows what phenomenally beautiful, Ahavat-Yisrael-filled hearts you JewishMOMs have.

Click here to make your donation to the Nachlaot Pedophile Crisis Fund

In the name of the neediest families involved in this crisis, which Maariv newspaper is calling the biggest Pedophilia case in Israel’s history, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generous donations are truly a ray of light helping to pierce the darkness of these families’ current nightmare.

The winner of the $100 charity fund raffle is Gittel Gayle Kantor of Chicago. Mazal tov! I was so blown away when Gittel said that I should just give the prize money to these needy families. Mi K’amcha Yisrael, truly.

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  1. Hi… How are you…I really like your site..blog name and its content . hannah of the blog a mother in Israel suggested your site…for me to post
    On my site…I wanted to find a way to help the kids and families
    of the horrendous crisis in nachalot..
    I have a donations to Israel category..where I thought I could post this.
    Is there an article that you could send me with details of where
    To donate..
    Please see the other organizations we posted…and of course for free…
    The site is : http://www.better2ask.com
    Thank you
    Orit ofir

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