My Teacher, the Abuser by Sara Esther Crispe

In a sort of crazy turn of events, I just found out that one of the indicted pedophiles in my neighborhood was an influential teacher of editor Sara Esther Crispe. Sara Esther posted her reflections this week upon discovering that her former role model committed atrocities against dozens of children…

My Teacher, The Abuser by Sara Esther Crispe

I’m not really sure how to come to terms with what I just found out. Not only can’t I stomach the details, but it leaves me confused, overwhelmed, scared, and ultimately doubting myself, my intuition and my sense of what is real and true.

I know you want the details, but I just can’t bring myself to share them. What I will tell you is that someone I trusted, someone who influenced my life greatly, someone who I thought I knew, has been indicted for the most horrific abuses possible on the most innocent victims imaginable.

And where does that leave me?

To contextualize, I haven’t seen this person in over a decade. He was a teacher of mine. A role model. Someone who represented a way of life and values and morals that, to this day, I have tried to emulate. I can’t tell you how often throughout the years his advice or lessons have passed through my mind in certain situations.

I now know he was a fraud. I get that he was a manipulator, a classic abuser…

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  1. Which college is Mrs. Crispe referring to?

    I thought her article expressed a mature view of viewing the situation; as opposed to those who only say EVIL, EVIL. Though I definitely understand those who want to rip these people limb from limb.

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