Rachel Imenu Aiding Soldiers During the Gaza War (1-Minute Video)

Rachel Imenu Aiding Soldiers During the Gaza War (1-Minute Video)

In honor of Rachel Imenu’s yahrzeit next week (the 11th of Cheshvan), I’m excited to share this video featuring the famous story about Rachel Imenu assisting Israeli soldiers during the Gaza War.

I had heard this story many times, and always thought it sounded pretty fishy. An Israeli urban legend.

But seeing the original interview below with this kippa-less solder who explains how his life was saved time after time by a woman who presented herself as Rachel Imenu feels downright goosebumpy to me. What do you think?

Also, don’t miss this inspirational account of the miracles American-Israeli paratrooper Ariel Siegelman also witnessed as a paratrooper during the Gaza War. Pretty unforgettable, I think. (7-minute video)

May Hashem continue to protect our soldiers and the residents of the South of Israel during these scary times…

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  1. why did he say an arab woman?

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