Bride Texting During Wedding (1-Minute Video)

Bride Texting During Wedding (1-Minute Video)

This silly video was painful for me to watch.

Because this stupid bride texting during her wedding is ME.

This bride reminds me of all the times I too have chosen to answer the unceasing, urgent call of technology over the most important relationships in the my life.

How many times have I interrupted a conversation with a child in order to answer the insistent ring of the phone? How many times has my husband spoken to the back of my computer-engrossed head while I’m answering just one more Email? Over the years I’ve gotten better about this, but still…

Are a technology addict? Do you also start going through withdrawal if you don’t check your Email, Facebook/Imamother account, Blackberry etc. for a few hours?



  1. Funny! I thought it was faked until I looked at the comments on youtube!
    I think I use these addictions as a form of detaching from my life and relaxing. I’ve been trying to have other substitutions available so I don’t need to turn to these: like a good book on the table to read for 5 minutes or a class on naaleh to listen while feeding the baby. Do you have any other ideas?

  2. I don’t know what’s worse: that she answered the phone, that she took it at all, or that she stuffed it down her dress….

    Funny, it reminds me of the dainty little pearl-trimmed pouch I had made to carry with me down the aisle to hold …… TISSUES!!!!!!!

  3. the husband looks so hurt like he’s totally going to cry oh my goodness poor guy

  4. teacupsmommy

    Just out of curiosity, what were you texting about? I can understand it if someone was sick and you were giving them a little blurb so you could share the moment but most of the people who love you would be there, I would imagine. I know it’s none of my business but I’m curious as to what could be so important.

  5. This video reminds me a bit of my wedding, I remember that my father-in-law was checking his phone as well under and during the chuppah. I was on such a spiritual high and thought, that that’s simply him and b”h I was not angry at all. Only later I found out, that my sister-in-law was the whole time on the line. She was the only one, who could not attend the wedding as she was hospitalized for her high-risk pregnancy.

  6. If I were the… not priest, but rabbi I assume… I’d stop, or pause the wedding. If this happens to me, I might have to say something, too :|.

  7. I agree with you, Anon. The husband is so hurt. His expressions are killing me. He is HURT! I too thought it had to be staged, at first. How could a woman answer her phone during her own wedding ceremony? Sad, upsetting sign of the times.
    Sometimes I go out with friends to a restaurant and I notice that they are ALL “just answering this quick call or text” – I am sitting there tapping fingers on the table, watching them do it. I don’t have a cell phone myself so I just watch. I made a decision -from now on when I go out with them I am bringing along a book. While these “brain surgeons” take their calls/texts, I’ll read.
    After their calls/texts are done they sort of look around – thinking, “oh, right, I’m at a restaurant with Rishe… ummm… what were we talking about?” it’s really hard to keep conversations going because they are always aborted after five or ten minutes when someone gets a call/text.

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