Kindness Boomerang (5-Minute Video)

I loved this video that I just received from Ladymama. It got her all choked up, and it got me choked up too.

I especially loved it because now that we are dealing with this whole pedophile crisis in Nachlaot, and realizing how much darkness and evil has filled these streets over recent years, I have been feeling an urgent need to bring more holiness into my life and into this place– by learning more Torah, and hosting more guests on Shabbat, and doing more acts of kindness for people around me…So this fantastic and profoundly beautiful video is just what I needed to watch right now:)

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  1. This was amazing… I have no idea why I get so emotional over small things like this! I was such an unemotional teenager/single person and somehow since I became a mother, everything affects me in a much deeper way. This video was so moving and so beautiful to watch.

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