This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: 7 Ways to Have More Free Time

This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: 7 Ways to Have More Free Time

I’ve received a few requests from you JewishMOMs over the past year asking me to explain how I find the time to work on my blog and other fun creative projects. Well, here’s the answer…hope you find it helpful!


  1. That was a great video!
    Just one thing about kids helping in the house – I think it can start younger than school age. My 3 year old loves to help, and actually does – he sweeps, loves to shpritz the table and wipe it clean, bring laundry to the laundry basket, bring folded laundry to his room…he actually is a great help and (for now) making ima and abba happy is the reward in and of itself (I’m sure that will change and cookies will need to be brought in as incentives soon)…
    Thank you!

    • hi shoshana, that’s amazing! maybe if I’d started younger with my kids then they wouldn’t need incentives either (which is what my parenting teacher recommends, but I’m not really at that madrega yet). but i think that that sounds amazing…keep up the great work!

      Anyway, so nice to hear from you, I thank you every day in my heart for this amazing banner and logo that i love so much!

  2. That was really interesting. I wanted to share with you what makes me happy. Because when you were talking about taking time to do something that is just mine, I was realizing that I don’t really do that. But I think I am happy and calm and a great mom when my house is clean. But mainly it’s when I do it and no one else. I need to know that I can do everything myself. Once in awhile my husband chips in and cleans the bathroom or vacuums and yes the house is clean, but the fact that it wasn’t me, just doesn’t make me as happy. I need to see a clean house, washed laundry, no dirty dishes and know that I did it all:) And that’s my special thing that keeps me sane. And if I didn’t have these 3 hours all to myself to do housework (after the kids are in bed) I’d feel yuck and horrible.

    So what do I do when the kids are in school? I either take care of my 14 year old (who won’t let me do anything while he’s awake) or I eat and read or I just sit and breathe because I’m alone – finally! But I really really do enjoy doing housework!

  3. Thank you SO much for this! As a young mother of now 2, I need to hear this over and over. A lot of times, I look at mothers of many, many children and can’t understand how I feel more overwhelmed than they do! I now realize that having older children makes a huge difference.

    Thank you again. I loved this video because it pertains very much to my life right now and it’s so nice to hear it from an experienced mother. Now how do I get my husband and kids to eat the same thing throughout the week?? That would be a dream!! (coming from a newbie food blogger, lol)

    (and thank you for helping me not feel guilty about having a cleaning lady!)

    • I exaggerated a bit about the food thing. On sundays we have pizza sandwiches (piece of bread with tomato sauce and a piece of melted cheese. sounds lame, I guess it is, but that’s 3 food groups right there!) and thursdays is spaghetti.

  4. You have great ideas! I’m trying them out…
    But how do you take a 20 minute nap? When I lay down, I can’t get up for at least an hour, if not longer….

  5. Our kids are still pretty young, the oldest of 4 being 6 yrs old, and for some unexplainable reason with each new child things keep getting easier. Don’t get me wrong, there is lot’s more to do, but it’s easier. I guess maybe our family unit is becoming more complete.

  6. always love to hear tips on raising young children. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  7. hi, it seems that the link to this video (how to have more free time) has expired… cant seem to watch it. any suggestions on how to access it? thx a lot!

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