Boatlift: An Untold Tale of 9/11 Heroism (11-Minute Video)

Boatlift: An Untold Tale of 9/11 Heroism (11-Minute Video)

This video, narrated by actor Tom Hanks, tells the incredibly inspirational tale of the unsung men who carried out one of the largest evacuations by sea in human history– the transport of over half a million people from Manhattan on 9/11. What a powerful reminder for all of us (as well as for the almost 3 million people who have watched this video so far) that
במקום שאין אנשים השתדל להיות איש
Or, in the words of the quotation that opens Boatlift:”A hero is a person who does what he can.”
Special thanks to Devora Singer and Yoni Schlussel for sending this my way…


  1. Thanks for posting this video! Very inspiring. Shows the true spirit of the human soul. I loved it when the man said it was the best thing he’d done with his years on the water.

  2. At the time, I heard countless stories of free cab rides etc to help get everyone out of Manmhattan. This is the first I heard of the boat evacuation and it’s truly an amazing show of humanity.

  3. Phyllis Meer

    Thank you Chana Jenny for sharing this story with us.
    I had not heard of this evacuation before.
    It is a beautiful story of people who tried to help and succeeded!
    great heroes!

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