Bigger and NOT Better

Bigger and NOT Better

“Thank you Chana, you have no idea how much your blog means to me…”

“Thank you Chana, your first book transformed my pregnancy from a scary experience into a positive one.”

“Thank you Chana, your peptalk about overcoming depression saved my life, quite literally, following my birth last year…”

This past Sunday night I attended a large Aish HaTorah fundraising event, and it was quite a shock for me to emerge from my familiar Nachlaot anonymity and suddenly meet so many moms whom I didn’t know, but who knew ME very well.

I got home at 11 PM, and while I went to work on my upside down kitchen, I couldn’t stop thinking about the women I had met that evening.

And I reflected on my yetzer hara as a member of the Facebook generation…

I am obsessed with numbers. How many likes for my fanpage? How many members on my mailing list? How many clicks on this new post? How many hits for the site on that day?

And, as a member of this Facebook generation, I judge the success or failure of this blog and all of my posts and projects based on the rising and falling of those fickle numbers…

But, as I scrubbed that mountain of dishes, I reflected on the mothers I had met earlier that night.

And I suddenly understood that a post that reaches only one JewishMOM could be more important in terms of the personal impact on that individual mother than a post that reaches 5000 JewishMOMs who didn’t really connect with what I had to say.

It doesn’t really matter, after all, if nobody “likes” what I wrote, and my site stats are heading southward, and my dashboard is stuck in the cyber-basement.

Real success, the truth is, is found only in the heart of that unseen, single JewishMOM who really needed to hear what I really needed to say.

* This post is based on a conversation with my brainstorming team: Chaya Cohen and Adi Bitter. Thanks Chaya and Adi!


  1. Like! 😉

  2. I personnally read you almost every day but I never click on Like because i am against facebook and the so called like or friends; so you touch many mothers all around the world who don’t go on fb!
    you are really important in our lives and that’s why you have now a new responsibility: to struggle against fb and this superficiality!!
    thank you and yecher koach

  3. Couldnt agree with you more on the REAL success!

  4. Hey, Ann, nice to meet you. I also don’t do facebook. And I do not have a cell phone. Or a microwave. But I LOVE CHANA JENNY WEISBERG, I love reading what she writes and I admire how she lives her life and how she makes her decisions.
    Chana Jenny, I agree with you that often your success at can’t be seen or counted.
    This is also true in publishing.
    I have no way of knowing where a N’shei Chabad Newsletter (my magazine) goes, or who reads it. I believe that it goes where it has to go and does some good. Just recently a woman told me that she had a baby who had seizures. Doctors could not figure out why. She read in the N’shei about another mother with the same problem and followed her advice and her baby became seizure-free. That baby is now a healthy, happy teenager. Sometimes Hashem gives us a little gift — the knowledge of someone who was helped. Most of the time, we labor b’emunah.

  5. u kidding!! I HAVE to read your blog- I wish I had more time for commenting and even when i dont have time or energy I still do…your the real deal, and its a major outlet for me to get inspired in my home /home office and gives me fuel for the week every week. yshar coach on all your efforts and time spent collecting thoughts and inspiration for us all!!

  6. I also love your blog and recommend it to all. You are a very talented writer.

  7. Hi. This is my first time posting but I’ve been reading your blog/ watching your peptalks and videos for 5 years. I feel that you need to hear my voice, because like me there are so many others who too haven’t spoken up. That being said, I feel like you are my friend and you have most certainly impacted my everyday life and my spiritual growth. May you, Chana Jenny, continue to be healthy and have the strength to inspire Jewish women. Thank you.

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