A “Secular” Child’s Faith (2-Minute Video)

A “Secular” Child’s Faith (2-Minute Video)

Crying, crying. How intensely moving to see “secular” 9-year-old Ophir Elbaz of Sderot singing this gorgeous tribute to Hashem on the Israeli version of American Idol. The words sung with such pure sincerity are so sweet and true, “God gave you as a gift a great and wonderful thing, He gave you life on this earth. He gave you the night and the day. He gave you love, hope, and dreams….He gave you green fields, and blossoming trees and flowers… God gave you a great and wonderful thing, He gave you life on this earth…”

But the most moving thing about this song, the thing that really worked my tear ducts up into a frenzy was seeing the emotional, jumping out of their seats with enthusiasm reaction of the secular judges and audience.

A reminder that despite our various family feuds, we Jews really are sisters and brothers, beloved (and for most of us, if you just scratch the surface, devoted) children of the same Father. Special thanks to Allison Gottlieb for sending this my way.



  1. Really sweet. Oy, if only the woman wasn’t bouncing around in a tank top…then I’d send this out to the world!

  2. wowwowwow!!
    thank you for sharing this with me. i don’t get teary eyed, both this one blew me away.
    the family’s resonse was priceless!

  3. magnificent! Mi k’amcha Yisrael!

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