And the Prize-Winning Miracle is…

And the Prize-Winning Miracle is…

Mazal tov to Wendy Berezovsky and her daughter Chaya Dalya for winning the 1st place prize of $100 in the Chanukah Miracle Festival!

Click here to read Wendy’s prize-winning entry: My Miracle, My Daughter the Cancer Survivor

May Wendy have much continued nachas from her miracle daughter Chaya Dalya as well as much continued success with her fantastic organization Sweet Dreams for Kids.


  1. While all stories were incredibly inspiring, what did it for me about this one was Wendy’s action to take a dark situation and turn it into light for other children fighting cancer. She’s changing lives. Mazel Tov!

    • Thank you, Gila. Your words really touched my heart. I just want to help bring smiles to the kids in the hospital. They deserve so much, most important to be blessed with good health. I hope Sweet Dreams for Kids will continue to grow and grow.

  2. I really feel honored and blessed that we are the winning miracle story. All the stories showed such amazing miracles and every single one was special. I only told my beautiful Chaya Dalya’s story to give people hope and to show how precious good health is. I hope our story shows that if you ever see someone that does not look exactly like you, instead of staring, look at them and smile, like they are an inspiration. My Chaya Dalya lights up a room and I hope showing her how we touched people, she realizes what an amazing little girl she is. I also want my Reuven and Eliana to know how proud I am of them for being the best big brother and sister to Chaya Dalya. My mom, my best friend, thanks for giving me the encouragement to do what I do. I hope we will one day have every single Children’s hospital filled with PJ’s from Sweet Dreams for Kids. Everyone should be well until 120!!!

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