Meet the IDF’s Hat Lady (2-Minute Video)

Meet the IDF’s Hat Lady (2-Minute Video)

I can’t get over how GOOD JewishMOMs are…Just look at this JewishMOM from Efrat whose knitting group started a project that has brought in over 18,000 hand-knit hats for Israel’s soldiers! Got all teary and smiley watching this, G-d bless JewishMOMs and G-d bless and protect our soldiers! Special thanks to JewishMOM Tamara Laufer for sending this my way.



  1. i have been zoche to knit four hats for our soldiers so far—and i live in America! one of my knitting friends (who recently made Aliyah) got me started on this wonderful mitzva. i am a beginner knitter, and found the instructions easy to follow. i encourage everyone to knit a hat for this project. it is one of those acts of chesed where everyone benefits.

  2. can you post a link to where to find the directions and where to send the hats etc?

  3. B’H’ we have a wonderful australian great JewishGRANDMA who -as a bnai brit member- knits similar dolls for ethiopan children who come to israel, they call it the comfort doll, i have a few of them home and children love them 🙂

  4. What a wonderful example of Hashem taking our good intentions and expanding our abilities to a degree we hadn’t even dreamed of! Just goes to show you what great things we can do if we just take the first step…

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