No Boys (or Girls) Allowed at Gender Neutral Preschool

No Boys (or Girls) Allowed at Gender Neutral Preschool

A Swedish preschool has banned the use of gender-specific language. In this preschool there are no boys. And no girls. And no hes. And no shes. There is only a classroom populated by a teacher and 33 little “Its.” Are there separate bathrooms for boys and girls you might ask? How sexist of you to even suggest such an oppressive concept! No, there is just a single bathroom for Its of all shapes and sizes.

My interpretation? Things are getting very, very messed up out there, JewishMOMs. Hold fast to the Torah, it’s the only way to stay sane and on-course in this nuttier and nuttier world.

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  1. This world is insane!!!!!!!!

  2. These poor kids…in the most crucial part of their life they are fed such misleading unethical confusing mishmash…who will repair what is being broken…promoting gay relationships and equality in the bathroom…hmmm sounds like a pedophiles dream come true…maybe theyll chose stockholm over nachlaot..the bait there is more tolerating and accepting or should I say inviting. I hope there are no confused jews/israelis in that place.

  3. Sharon Saunders

    I think it is totally misguided. That said, they are not promoting a gay lifestyle. The single bathroom will also make them realize there are 2 genders lol.

    • LOL!!!!!

      A conversation overheard during playtime in unisex bathroom:

      “what’s that? I don’t have one of those.”
      “OH. I don’t know. Ask it over there. It has one too. Maybe it knows….”

  4. They are not raising childs, I think this is an android school…Tora is the best weapon to fight ignorance… 🙂

  5. They are filling the bookshelves with stories that illustrate (if promoting sounds too influemtial…remember they are ages 1_6…) Gay couples, lesbian couples, families…bisexuals..(why and how they explain that one to these kids boggles the mind) and transgendered types…so yif this isnt filling children with unnecessary information and distorting their minds…i mean instead of focussing on midos and seasons, transportation, community helprs, etc etc (i am a former preschool teacher) than they have to push these ridiculously r rated images, examples so that it will breed equality amongst different genders…its messed up…there are plenty of ways to explain judging favorably and respecting peoples right to chose diff lifestyles…it doesnt mean that u have the right to introduce and yes promote thes choices in an educational environment FOR children!

  6. It seems like the ultimate brainwashing technique. Not to mention it goes against everything Torah. How are these children supposed to identify? So if a little girl wants to play with a doll, she’s not allowed? Obviusly this is Hashem’s doing in some way, as He controls everything. But it doesn’t make it much easier to digest. B’H’ This just makes me want to complete Aliyah even more; the sooner, the better!!!

  7. In our city (Toronto), a family had a baby last year and made a big deal of refusing to tell anybody what little Storm’s gender was. They already have two boys – who they dress in pink, skirts, long hair and hairbands. (I know them; they come to our homeschool drop-in sometimes)

    • When I read about them I thought it was a made up story. Im really surprised that this family really exist 😮 I know this is not the main topic but can you give some update about the situation?

      • i read about it from that link – looks like a total boy to me. Hey what about us upsherin families, maybe we’ll feel more accepted in the non-jewish world now!

  8. i took sruly with me to sears one day. he was not yet three and had beautiful long pigtails. he also wore oshkosh overalls (remember those?) we had to pass through the toy section on our way to the swing sets i was looking for. sruly saw the guns and began begging for me to buy him a toy gun. a random man approached us and said to sruly, “you should be asking for a doll, not a gun”.
    i said “thank you” and continued on. i didn’t even want to start explaining.

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