This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: Choosing Happiness Today (7-Minute Inspirational Video)

Women are always waiting for something, certain that when they receive that “something” they are waiting for, they will finally be happy. But the truth is that when our happiness is conditional on “something,” it usually doesn’t arrive. How to find happiness while waiting for what you’re waiting for…


  1. WOW. The whole concept of “waiting for something…” I thought that was just me!! Seriously!! It didn’t even occur to me that there were others like this. I’m constantly, constantly waiting for something, and often, I don’t even know what!

  2. thank you, chana jenny.
    i just had a long talk with my DH, and he claimed that i was always waiting for the “something” to make me happy. i was surprised, i never thought of myself that way. and here you are, describing me exactly !
    you are right. i have made a new hachlata to try to refocus myself. see myself as happy TODAY and everyday.
    to help, i have signed up for rabbi nivin’s chabura. i think that taking action will help me keep my hachlata.
    thank you for providing us all with such mind-opening gifts.

  3. The waiting is the hardest for me when I’m tired/exhausted. I just say, If only I wasn’t exhausted right now, I’d be able to be a much better mother. It is EXTREMELY hard to be good and have patience and handle everything the right way, being exhausted. Thanks for the lesson… I will try to work on being my best and pushing tiredness AWAY!

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