Sloth Miraculously Crosses Street (1-Minute Video)

Sloth Miraculously Crosses Street (1-Minute Video)

Wow. For years wise people have been telling me that, in overwhelmingly difficult situations, my only job is to focus on doing my hishtadlut, my small reasonable effort, and then to have emuna that Hashem can solve my problem. In other words, I just need to take that first step, give that $18 to charity or make that procrastinated phone call or write that short but heartfelt blog post, and then Hashem can pick me up on eagle’s wings and transport me to a whole new reality…

But I never REALLY got this concept until I saw this sweet video about how a sloth miraculously crossed the road…Enjoy!

Image courtesy of user Cliff


  1. thanks for posting. you should have much hatzlocha with the situation you are dealing with right now.

  2. Not in my most creative moment would I have seen the emuna connection !!!

    You should always be blessed to see the divine message in the most mundane of events. and also the most difficult!

    Yesher Koach!!!!

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