We’ve Gotta Live Together (New 2-Minute Aish Video)

We’ve Gotta Live Together (New 2-Minute Aish Video)

This new Aish.com video is great, a perfect inspirational response to the Beit Shemesh crisis…So I would post it anyway, but I am posting it with extra enthusiasm because it features one of my favorite human beings: my neighbor Sharon Saunders (in the red hat…) But Sharon’s not only my friend and my neighbor, Sharon’s also my hero! Sharon is the adoptive mother of Ruthie, the world’s oldest Fanconi’s Anemia survivor. Scroll down to watch the short video I made about this incredible mother-daughter duo a few years back…

My Heroes Live Next Door (6-Minute Video)


  1. Thanks!! Count on Aish to get the message out right.

    Their video reminds of me of another youtube video where one person is nice to someone else and it starts a chain of people passing on the kindness. Do you know the one I mean? Do you know where I can find it?

  2. I don’t know there was a crisis in Beit Shemesh. That is really overstating the situation by a mile.

  3. Bracha Goetz

    What a wonderful video you made, Chana Jenny, of two wonderful people, B’H!

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