Cry No More by Yaakov Shwekey (The Official Music Video)

Cry No More by Yaakov Shwekey (The Official Music Video)

Despite the title, boy did this make me cry. Just what I needed to watch today with my heart so full of pain on account of all the pain-filled hearts surrounding me here in Yerushalayim…At the end of the video, I imagined the young Nachlaot victims and Hagit bat Leah’s 5 orphans walking behind Yaakov Shwekey on his way to greet Moshiach…Notice that the video was written and directed by Mendy Pellin of Chabad Tube…phenomenal work, Mendy!!! Thanks to Gila Julie Levi for sending the my way…


  1. I bawled my eyes out all over my husband’s sleeve. Such amazing visual metaphors, and seeing the rebuilt beis hamikdash arise from our prayers …… oh, get me a tissue!

  2. Just bawling …amen, soon, now please…

  3. Yaakov Shwekey is a tzaddik. That’s all there is to his success.

  4. Yaakov, you changed my life. You’re a tzaddik.

  5. I wrote that story in the Yated about Shwekey. Everyone told me after that I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect fit for the singer. They’re right. That’s what inspired me to write it.

  6. Gerda Leithgöb

    I am so thankful that my friend told me about this page and Yaakov!!!We love Israel and the Jewish people and I was in Israel last year for the fourth time!! We shall NOT stop praying for you and the peace of Jerusalem – The song of Yaakov Shwekey touched me deeply!!!
    Your sister and friend Gerda

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