Homeopathy for Children by Vera Resnick

This is a brief introduction about how homeopathy can help your family break out of the cycle of sickness written by my homeopath, Vera Resnick. Enjoy!

We’ve all been there – one child gets sick and we know they are all going to catch it. And probably we’re going to catch it as well. We pray for strength and prepare for the inevitable: sleepless nights, days spent trailing with the kids to the doctor, laundry lists of antibiotics and other medications, or the most frustrating situation – the doc says it’s a virus and there’s nothing we can do except wait it out. Endlessly.

I went through this as a parent, before becoming a homoeopath. Perhaps this is why, as a homoeopath, I find it so exciting working with families to relieve this strain. From my knowledge of homoeopathy and my own clinical experience, I know that:

It is possible to break the “Strep cycle”.
It is possible to stop the chain of constant ear infections
It is possible to treat an illness that has been diagnosed as a virus
And much more…

Illness is a strange thing, especially in children. On the one hand, it weakens you. On the other hand, if the illness has been managed and treated appropriately, it can strengthen you. This is especially true in children. Often a child will go through illness and experience a growth spurt immediately afterwards, or leap forward in development. It’s almost as if the illness opens a gateway allowing the child to move forwards.

When illness is managed only through conventional medicine, usually through use of antibiotics and cortisone creams, the child will get sick repeatedly and everyone around is just holding their breath until he/she “grows out of it”. Until that point, the sleepless nights, worry and treks to the doctor continue. However, when children are treated with homoeopathy, the illness either does not recur, or recurs less and less until it disappears altogether. The child is strengthened by the treatment, not weakened as often happens with conventional therapies.

This is why I especially recommend the use of homoeopathy in young children, even in newborns. When remedies are prescribed for young children by an experienced homoeopathic practitioner, the child becomes stronger, more resilient to disease in the future. This is good for the child and for the parent – it means less sleepless nights, for starters!

So if your child gets sick (again):
DO go to your family doctor for examination and diagnosis.
But in addition, consider taking your child to a homoeopath for treatment.

Vera Resnick IHM DHom Med (Lic) is an experienced practitioner of Homoeopathic Medicine. She lives and teaches in Jerusalem, Israel. Vera treats locally in Israel, and via Skype and e-mail for patients living abroad. She can be contacted through her website


  1. What can be done for reoccuring ear infections? My son is on his 3rd antibiotic cycle in just 2 months! I went to a specialist and he wasnt bothered too much..just perscribed more antibiotics!…and ideas? My son is 16 mos old.

  2. My daughter’s constant ear infections is what brought me to homeopathy in the first place – it was the only modality that really resolved the situation. When I realized the leaflet that came with the antibiotics gave ear infections as a possible side effect..I saw that this route was pointless. Homeopathy can do good work here and is well worth a try.

  3. I have a few questions: I hope you don’t mind answering these online for everyone:

    Could you please explain the difference between over-the-counter homeopathic remedies and going to a homeopath for a custom-cure? My daughter only got out of her worm cycle after several counter-treatments failed and I finally took her to a trained professional.

    Could you also please recommend which counter-top remedies might be effective and which are really a waste of time and money? And also perhaps recommend a certain brand or what to look for?

    great article!!!

  4. OTC homeopathic remedies are the same as ones you’d receive at your homeopath’s office. Treating one’s own family is not really wise, as your homeopath will normally find a good constitutional remedy much quicker than a layperson. Often there are reactions in a person that are to be welcomed, and may be misinterpreted by a layperson. If you take a remedy that is not correct, nothing happens because you are not susceptible – much like a tuning fork may not resonate with another because the frequency is not similar. A good constitutional remedy will keep your little ones from suffering from chronic ear infections, so the sooner the better!

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