A Tribute to the Jewish Mother (1-Minute Inspiring Commercial)

A Tribute to the Jewish Mother (1-Minute Inspiring Commercial)

So beautiful. A commercial made by Wissotsky Tea in honor of the JewishMOM. Yasher koach to Charlie Harrary for the moving voice-over and to filmmaker Shmuel Hoffman for the great video.


And here’s another fantastic tribute Shmuel Hoffman made to JewishMOMS…for JewishMOM.com 4 year ago!

Image courtesy of Flickr.com user Lee Haywood


  1. Uh, I thought it was too cutesy and fake. What mother really looks like that on an average day? Puh-lease.

  2. Everything is perfect and she has time for a cup of tea! ahhh, we can all dream can’t we

  3. The commercial doesn’t hold a candle to the beautiful and real JewishMOM video …I’ve seen it so many times I know the lines be heart and it still touches my heart every time. Thanks.

    Whose music is in the background?

  4. Um, Yeah, Oy?! The intention was probably very sweet and noble and all that (Wissotsky’s money-making aside ) …. only I would have preferred it if the Jewish Mom actually looked Jewish, and like a mother ! And is it just my imagination, or did those kids look totally miserable?!

    But you know, it was a nice tribute to designer clothes and cheerless real-estate, nonetheless …. 🙂

    As I often say about advertising, I guess since it clearly didn’t appeal to me, it clearly wasn’t aimed at me!!!

  5. I’d love to be able to wear a white dress like that around my kids…he he…but in all honesty, even though I work from home I get dressed and make up and matching hair cover and accessories every day because it makes me feel good, and my kids complement me and dh too…it’s important and although I would make her shaitel shorter and her skirt longer, and maybe have a clip of her in a snood with the kids on her lap with a book, I understand that this is aimed at the modern young generation that tries to have the best of both worlds…being jewish sometimes means sacrificing or rather separating from the mainstream modern world…

  6. Is that Mrs. Harrary? Cuz Charlie is playing her husband.

    • JewishMom

      I don’t think so, since I saw that they posted an ad looking for an actress to play the mother. But that would have been really sweet…

  7. I LOVE the JewishMom short videos you made a few years ago! They’re so real!

    As for the Wissotzky commercial, I think that when you’re actually in the trenches it’s a little hard to see a (very) polished version of your life.
    But I did like the list of all that we do.

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