Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi’s Weekly Class Now in ENGLISH!

Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi’s Weekly Class Now in ENGLISH!

I’m an addict. For the past decade, Shabbat just hasn’t been Shabbat without the parsha sheet of my mentor, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi.

And now, amazing news for you Hebrew-challenged JewishMOMs, Rabbanit Yemima’s weekly parsha sheet, which is already distributed to thousands of people in Hebrew, is now going to be translated every week INTO ENGLISH, and distributed for free…

If you’ve never heard Rabbanit Yemima teach, then you will just have to trust me on this one…Rabbanit Yemima’s deep Torah insights and wisdom for life and hilarious sense of humor have made her into one of the most influential women in Israel today.

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  1. Can I just try one out? Can you send me one? I don’t want to sign up and then discover my inbox full of pages that I can’t seem to get to reading every week. Thanks!

    • I just went online, the classes are free at the moment. They will be available for a small fee shortly.
      So now\=s your chance!

  2. What is the Rabbanit’s schedule in Jerusalem for live speeches? Please let me know.

  3. Rachel Leah

    I live in California and would like to know if R Mizrachi shiurim are available on CD (for purchase)

    Each shiur an amazing experience.

  4. Hi- I am in Israel and looking to hear her speak live- do you know if she gives classes anywhere? I appreciate your assitance,

    • b”H, Rabbanit Yemima just have birth last month, so she’s presently taking a break from speaking engagements.

  5. Hello,
    I signed up through the famous webpage (http://www.parasha.org/english.htm) twice already, with a few weeks between my two sign-ups – but I’m still not receiving the divrei Torah. Any suggestions? I would really love to have the privilege of reading Rabbanit Yemima’s work. Thanks you!

  6. Rabanit Yemima Misrachi

    I have to respond to your “drusch” (produced by kaikov tv on youtube) on the subject of ADHD (to be spelled properly without being ashamed !) and the heavy misconception you spreading about this disease, as if it would be a mere failing education.

    The disease is standardized in ICD10 code. The means of treatment is pills, not education or change of livestyle.

    It is not only occuring in childhood, but persisting in adult live.

    The disease is NOT aquired, it is INHERITED. Look behind the grandpearents and pearents, uncles and ants in terms of “dor dorot”, then used in the sense of punishment, today an inherited disease.

    There is neuromedical knowledge you should read, before you judge and preach aginst medicin in general and for those who suffer and do not know of and why.

    It is in your responsibility not to misgiude, playing down or make it as an issue of moral, if it is definitely not and in case of available better knowledge.

    Thora teaches us about ADHD !!

    A) ben zorer umorer (can happen to “bat” as well). The case describes all symptoms !

    B) Moshe rabenu suffered of that disease, and you can read about his impairments in the thora:

    B1.) “aral sfataim”, unable to speak fluently, when being under stress and against repeated refusals of paro
    B2.) “Rach lirzot” ,furiosity: killing an Aegypitan, dumping the lichot, hitting the rock (for water … see further B5 ) instead to beg in patience
    B3.) unstable family preference by leaving his wife and sons in midjan, for returning to mizraim.
    B4.) marying a daughter of midjan, and not of israel
    B5.) Heriosm (if one only considers the hazardeous logistic aspect of jeziat mizraim: to pull out 600.000 people from homes for a 40 years walk to outback desert with no water, when minimum 3 liters per person = 1,8 million liters of drinking water quality consumption per day !!! is the foreseeable demand, succot instead of houses)

    So, the symptoms are anything else then “only born in our modern lifestyle”…

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    Dr. L. Margula, Vienna.

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